St. Pete Swim Group


A swimming workout and vitamin D in Saint Petersburg, Florida!

Think of it as a casual, unofficial masters swimming club.

The goal is to swim for about an hour when the UV Index is between 3 and 5. This combines exercise with vitamin D at a time that won't require applying toxic sunscreen.

We usually swim about 3,000 yards of a workout printed from the U.S. Masters Swimming website. Feel free to adjust the workout to fit your speed and goals.




North Shore Aquatic Complex:

901 North Shore Dr NE
Saint Petersburg, FL 33701

We try to swim in the deeper water lanes east of the diving board (towards the bay), but will swim wherever there is space.

The pool entrance fee is $5/day. Monthly and annual passes are also available.

More Info

This swimming group is just getting started!

If you plan to join for the first time or have questions, send a message on Session to Session ID: 05ea081135291920577bae03dae39bc15885dd271c325195f8a96a0cc6fa826f11